Learning about Invasive Plants

The Winterskloof Conservancy Green Bobbies had an interesting visit recently – the Grade 3 children from Cowan House took a walk from school to meet the team in Devonshire Lane.

The Green Bobbies are currently working in that part of our Valley to clear the invasive plants along our verges and other public spaces.  The Green Bobbies said that the children had so many interesting questions and they really enjoyed the time they spent with the children in their workplace.

Jenny Healey, local resident and teacher at Cowan House: “Thank you so much for allowing the Green Bobbies to chat to our Grade 3 children, they learnt so much and so did we!  It certainly is interesting to see how much the children pick up.  The other day, after our trip into Winterskloof, I heard the  girls talking about Rhus and how poisonous it is, but it looks pretty!    The boys were discussing what they had found in their own gardens, so at least we are making them aware of all these invaders.”


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