Balgowan Wildlife Sightings for June

Walter Addison – Eqeleni

Last month, this chameleon was rescued from it’s hiding place in a cow’s hoof which my bitch Lizzie was about to chew on.

David Crowe – Crowe Farm

At about 5.15 pm this afternoon whilst walking back home along road after checking fire breaks and tracer lines, I saw Riet Buck adult doe near house. When I was 30 metres away she gave alarm whistle call alerting 5 or 6 others which were nearby behind boulders on bank.  They then all bounded gracefully away through tallish grass. The group included 2 rams. I guess they were looking for greener more nutritious grass resulting from recent cutting.

Derek Martin – Tatsfield

We have on several occasions seen a pair of Serval and I believe a guest of Granny Mouse observed a “civet”.  Any corroboration ? Yhis is apart from the usual sightings of  jackal, oribi etc

Gill Paynter – Old Balgowan Farm

I see reed buck almost daily on my rides. Have seen up to 6 on one ride – and that is only on a small part of the farm – so there must be plenty. See the odd duiker too. We currently have about 40 spurwing geese feeding on the fields where the silage is being cut and this morning saw a flock of about 30 guinea fowl which is unusual – normally see max 10. We have up to 5 crowned crane that I see quite often….

Bev Hourquebie – Hawks on Hillside

Sighting from Hawks on Hillside, R103 (just above Spiral Blue). For the first time since I moved here 12 years ago, there have been two black eagles around on a regular basis. Attached is a photo of one that was perched on the Eskom pole for about 4 hours on the morning of 17 March 2012. Most weekends, the fish eagle comes up the valley and sources food from the dams on Kinmount below me (think they get away from the noise around Midmar). There is also a pair of Craned Cranes that frequently roost overnight at the dam.

Natalie Turnbull – Turnbull Farm

During about January of this year (prior to the request for reporting of sightings), whilst running with my dog in the forests belonging to Alastair MaGlashen (between the R103, the D625 & the little river which runs through the Impendle Chicken Farm Valley), at about 17h00, we spotted a Serval.  An amazing, cat-like, cheetah-spotted creature at least 50 cm tall, with almost pointed ears & a bushy tail. It climbed a tree & clung there like a koala-bear. That’s all I can divulge, but he/she was elegantly exquisite and an awesome sighting, up close and personal.

Yvonne Thompson – Caversham Hall.

On Sunday 6 May at 06h00/07h00 a friend was fishing our trout dam which is very close to the house. To his astonishment there was another “fisherman” with him, identified as a Cape Clawless otter, Zulu name “Ntini”.  Our friend was of the opinion that the otter had more success than him! The Cape Clawless otter is quite large – about 1.2 m overall, mass about 18kgs and are both nocturnal and diurnal. They are robust animals with well developed canines and an acute sense of smell and hearing and do not confine themselves to water in their search for food. Resting places are to be found amongst thick vegetation alongside water, in hollows of trees and crevices. They do not excavate or burrow.

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