Blue Cranes – Song & Dance

Pat Cahill submitted this account of his morning at Karkloof Conservation Centre last week:

I spent a fascinating couple of hours this morning taking too many photos. There is a pair of Blue Cranes nesting on the Loskop pan within reasonable photographing distance of the hide.  When I got there, the female (I presume) was sitting on the nest with her mate standing guard about 3 metres away.  He eventually moved closer and the two of them stood over the eggs (just visible in the picture) and announced in song that they were going to become parents.

The male then took over incubation (that’s true LOVE! – it was and still is pouring down – I haven’t seen the water level so high in the past 5 years.)

She then strolled across to a field on the other side of the pan where she looked for food and then did a bit of solo dancing (Swan Lake?). 

I don’t know what the eggs chances are, as the nest is very close to water level and if the rain continues at its present rate, it will soon be under water.

POSTSCRIPT: Sadly, the nest was indeed flooded that night.

2 thoughts on “Blue Cranes – Song & Dance

  1. Karkloof Conservancy

    We are hoping for a small miracle as a volunteer, Michael Keefer of Shawswood Education Centre in the Karkloof, braved the freezing water to collect the 2 abandoned eggs and we took them to the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary where Ben agreed to incubate them and then send them to a professional as soon as possible.

    Blue Cranes are said to breed from October, so they were a bit early. Hopefully they will try again and hopefully we will receive some good news from Ben!



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