The Dargle Conservancy takes seriously its role as custodian of an important river catchment. Our actions impact on 5 million downsteam users. The Mngeni River will be the focus of many activites for the next year. Recently, the MayDay for Rivers team was invited to visit again.

River Walks

This weekend, Mike, Penz and Penny happily spent the day beside the uMngeni again.

The Dargle Conservancy invited Penny to repeat her presentation on the River Walk for members and riverside residents at Inversanda.  As always, the presentation was very well received with landowners surprised at how quickly the river quality deteriorates.  Many landowners in the the area do not observe the 30m riverine reserve boundaries, farming virtually right up to the edge, which has a big impact on the health of the river. Howard commented that it is sometimes difficult for farmers trying to do their best for the environment and make a living from the land. Penny and Mike offered to visit landowners and give advice.

The presentation and discussions were followed by a workshop beside the uMngeni river on Tom and Lucinda Bate’s farm. Penny briefed everyone on how to conduct the now famous mini-sass test.

Despite the chilly weather everyone got in enthusiastically, overturned rocks…

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