Balgowan Wildlife Sightings for August

Walter Addison at Eqeleni Farm

More porcupines investigating the compost heap and irritating my dogs. One  female sent her pup home as soon as I arrived
and stayed to argue with me.

Also Cape parrots (maybe only one) seen on two occasions (12th and 14th August flying west to east). Would not have seen the bird if my son who has good ears had not been here. The trouble with deafness is that the high notes go first, so parrots are silent! A good flock of Common Waxbills on the lawn. The Black-headed oreole and the Yellow-billed Kites are back.

This is a puffback shrike recovering from a window collision. He didn’t like being photographed and flew off immidiately I took the pic. A beautiful bird. Look at that eye!

Peter McKenzie at Little Revesby

One pair of Cape Parrots sighted approximately on a weekly basis flying above the forest above the D533 and surrounding area. Since the flock of about forty birds that were present in November 2011 we have only sighted a few birds at a time which now seems to have dwindled to one pair.

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