Bill Barnes Reserve Sightings for October

An oribi count was conducted on the reserve on Sunday 14 October. Participants included: Andrew Ferendinos and Penny Reeves (stationed in Camp 5); Nick and Janet Klapport (stationed in Camp 4), Janet and Tim Snow (stationed in camp 10), Ann Burke (Camp 3); Dawie Scholtz (driver) and Atholl Midgley (passenger). A total of 11 individual oribi were counted: 3 in Camp 5; 2 in Camp 4; 5 in Camp 9 and 1 in Camp 1. In addition, a single blesbok was observed by Janet and Tim Snow.  The grasslands were filled with flowers – Dierama, Kniphofia, Delospermum, Gerbera, Helicrysum, Graderia scabra.

Notable wildlife sightings: Female Reedbuck with calf on reserve road adjacent to Camp 6. (1 October); male Spur-wing goose observed at south end of wetland in Camp 5 and later in the afternoon a male Spur-wing was observed wading and drinking in the damlet (3 October); 2 female bushbuck and one juvenile at edge of gum plantation (8 October); three Blue Cranes flew over reserve from the west and landed in Camp 5 and two female oribi observed in Camp 7 (10 October); and a pair of oribi in Camp 5 on 11 and 17 October.

Wattled Crane Pair; On 2 October, the behaviour of the adult cranes indicated the pair were tending to a chick (pair within close proximity to each other, moving slowly and female making repeated head-down movements) in Camps 4  or 9A on 6, 7, 11, 14 October. On 19 October, the chick was clearly observed walking between the two adults in the seep below the dam in Camp 4 and in Camp 9A on 30 October.

Submitted by Ann Burke, Director of the KZN Crane Foundation.

The BBCOR will be hosting the Midlands Bioblitz on 1 December. Do join in this exciting initiative to observe and record all the biodiversity spotted during the morning.  Check out  For more information contact Nikki 083 473 3074

3 thoughts on “Bill Barnes Reserve Sightings for October

  1. David Clulow

    Such news clips cheer the spirit – this particular batch of news items do just that. Without doubt this success story will bring encouragement and determination. It does to me. Welcome to the new Wattled Crane babe. David



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