Kusana Park walk – Curry’s Post

Sarah Allen sent this report on the Curry’s Post Consevancy walk recently:

Sunday 18 November 2012 dawned gloomy and misty, fairly typical of the Midlands this season! Nonetheless, a group of die-hard walkers gathered at the entrance to Kusana Park by 9am in a little weather-window that opened over Kusana Park.

Prof Ed Granger, retained by the Woodings, met the group at the gate to give us a 10 minute low-down of the ongoing saga of the rehabilitation debate of the new Transnet Multi-Products Pipeline crossing the top of Kusana Park.

We were shown how springs at the entrance to the farm have been disturbed but are pushing their way to the surface with a determination similar to the Woodings insistence on rehabilitating the pipeline construction area to red grass (Themeda triandra)! A number of canaries seemed oblivious to the (wet) weather and our presence and rejoiced in bathing in running cold water!

Ed showed us his two pilot plots of red grass rehabilitation, the one close to the farm entrance and the second closer to the Curry’s Post Primary School side of the farm, and explained his method of seed collection leading to germination of plugs which were then planted with a greater than 80% success rate. Transnet have got their work cut out for them as they claimed this cannot be done.

The stroll between the two plots revealed a wide range of forbes and other bulbous plants either in bloom or nearly so, including a number of Hypoxias spp and Dierama‘s (hare bells).

Now we look forward to walking over other paths on Kusana Park on Sunday 16 December 2012 and discovering the many joys of the wetland and open grassland areas of the farm, including huge tree ferns.  Contact Sarah to let her know if you are coming: 076 578 2941

Also remember the Curry’s Post Country Fair on 8 December at Old Halliwell Country Inn – promises to be a lot of fun! 11am to 3pm

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