World’s View Old Railway Line Walk

On Monday morning, 1st April we held the Inaugural Walk in the Worlds View Conservancy. We had a very good response! Approximately 12 people arrived at Dunstan Place, togged up with sun block, walking boots and hats and we strode off into the sunshine.

WVC Forest Walks 001

We walked the whole length of the Old Railway line; from where the “new railway” cuts through the hills under Hilton to where it dissects the R103 below the Ketelfontein. We were informed by Howard Richardson, our resident railway fundi, that the tunnel exits some 6km away near Cedara and that this is the second longest tunnel in South Africa.


Along the route we took time to take in the wonderful scenery around us; the shaded pathways and distant vistas.  We looked for birds in the bushes, evidence of the wildlife that left their spoor in the damp undergrowth and just marveled at the privilege of living in such a beautiful area.

WVC Forest Walks 018

We walked through the disused railway tunnel, which wasn’t as “spooky” as other times, due to the fact that, as the sun is a little lower this time of year, it shone more light into tunnel, so torches weren’t necessary.


We then followed the track along towards where the old Ketelfontein station used to be. The platform is still there though hidden under so many years of undergrowth. One of our projects will be to clear the platforms, of which there are two on this walk, so the area will be suitable to sit and have a break.  This track takes you through the wonderful mist belt grassland that we, as a Conservancy are so proud of.

WVC grassland 3

We looked down onto the nature reserves of Queen Victoria and across the valley to Ferncliff  ~ beautiful.WVC grassland (5)

At the end, we “popped” out onto the R103 and walked the 300 meters or so up the road and back onto the Worlds View Road.


We all met back at Maypers B & B for a complimentary wors roll and refreshments and a very welcome sit down.  All in all it took about 3 hours and the time just slipped away. We didn’t rush, we just enjoyed the day. It was a successful morning – by unanimous vote!  We hope you will join us for our next walk ~ will keep you informed when it will be…



2 thoughts on “World’s View Old Railway Line Walk

  1. thabo

    It was very nice at Cobham I would like to thank Nikki for giving us the chance to explore mountains and different kinds of animals and plants


  2. Jonathan

    I really wanna do this railway walk as i’m a photographer. Where is the best place to start the walk, i wanna see the old station platform and tunnel



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