Autumn up on the Hill

Hazel Lake visited Beacon Hill on 26 May 2013 and submitted these pictures and words.

We had a lovely autumn walk on Beacon Hill on Sunday.  It was a perfect clear autumn sky, with 360 degree views of the Midlands.

lovely clear dayThe walk wasn’t too strenuous, with just a short scramble up at the edge of the plantation line.

not too strenuous

It was very interesting to learn about the old wagon tracks used en route to Curry’s Post.

interesting to learn about old wagon tracks

Eve Hughes told us how important it is to burn the grassland and how the biodiversity is promoted by correct burning.   The scar from a road onto the hill has almost completely recovered and grown over.   The grassland feels almost completely untouched by humans.

different grasses

It’s wonderful to think we have such beautiful place to walk, right in our town.  We agreed that we were blessed to live in the Midlands.

We enjoyed identifying the different grasses and found few pink everlastings still flowering.  We saw a variety of wild flowers, butterflies and buck droppings.

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