Trapped on Camera

The roving camera trap which belongs to the Midlands Conservancies Forum has been in the valley on Hilton College Estate for the last 6 weeks.  These are some of the hundreds of interesting images which it captured. Thanks Deren Coetzer for sending them in.  If you’d like to set up the camera trap in your Conservancy for a while, contact Hazel at



HC Nyala



Spotted Genet


Another Caracal








MCF are considering buying a set of cameras to conduct some in depth wildlife surveys and possibly holding a workshop on how to make the best use of them.

For a typical survey the recommended layout is at least one camera per square kilometer. Run for at least 400-500 camera trap days to pick up common animals, and 1000-2000 days to pick up rare animals.  Camera trap days = (number of cameras x number of days) so eg 5 cameras x 30 days = 150 camera trap days. So with 5 cameras covering 5km2, the survey period should be at least 3 months ( 5 cameras x 90 days = 450 camera trap days).  Ideally a survey should be run annually at the same time each year to make useful comparisons.

If you are interested in participating, or perhaps buying a camera for your own Conservancy, let Hazel know

6 thoughts on “Trapped on Camera

  1. Meriel mitchell

    Fabulous use of technology with very exciting possibilities! Thank you for sharing those pictures, a glimpse of the nocturnal life of these creatures.



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