Howick’s Winter Wildlife

Christie Exall – Amber Valley

This Woollynecked Stork came to visit Tingy, the Siamese cat, in Amber Valley. He seemed very interested in the cat.pic1

On Monday, he came back with what looks like his mate.


Ann and David Lake – Paddock Crescent Howick


David Clulow – Amber Valley

Cape Wagtail makes itself at home


Winter Sunrise at Amber Ridge – towards kwaWula


Cape Longclaw


Birds in Amber Ridge: Speckled Pigeon; Hadedah Ibis; Cape Wagtail; Pied Crow; Cape Sparrow; Cape Longclaw; Bronze Mannikin; Familiar Chat; Common Fiscal (at kwaWula); Woolly-necked Stork; Common Waxbills; Fork-tailed Drongo; Cape Crow; Darter (flying); African Stonechat (male); Doves (but for lack of tall trees they do not perch and call, so may be Red-Eyed, Cape or Laughing); Cape Grassbird (below).pic6

Walking in the Amber Valley Game Area:  female Amethyst Sunbird on Leonotis leonorus


Hadedah juvenile pestering parent endlessly for food

pic8a female Buck in evening light


four youthful Warthogs


Zebra and Impala in Amber Valley garden


Hazel, Warren and Rory Lake – Bell Street Howick

At 7pm one evening, arriving home we saw a Spotted Eagle Owl on the verge.   Burchell’s Coucal seen often in the garden.  Large flocks of Red Winged Starlings.  Cape Batis seen once.  Gymnogene, Olive Thrust, Bronze Mannikins, Bulbuls, Drongo, Redthroated Wryneck, Weavers including Spectacled – amongst other common garden birds.  Jackal Buzzard seen at the river.  We saw a flock of birds, very high overhead which sounded like swallows.  Could they be returning so early?   This butterfly was on the wall a few days ago.pic14

Andrew Mason – Howick

Howick Falls


Seen at Karkloof (not our area, but still worth sharing)



Midmar Sunset


If you live in Howick, please contribute your sightings too –

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