E-Waste Collection Today

Re-Ethical in partnership with the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA), Jeffares & Green Engineering & Environmental Consultants and Liberty Midlands Mall will be holding another E-waste collection day at the Liberty Midlands Mall on Friday 18 October 2013 from 10AM until 4PM.

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in South Africa as old / redundant items are generated due to the rapid advance of new technology.

ewaste image crop


E-waste constitutes any unwanted electrical or electronic equipment (either running on batteries or electricity) such as computers, TVs, VCRs & DVDs, consumer electronics, kettles, printers, fax machines, cell phones, toasters, microwaves or direct parts thereof.

Due to the numerous chemical elements and heavy metals (such as lead, mercury and cadmium) contained in most electric and electronic goods any resulting e-waste can be hazardous and toxic, causing serious health and environmental pollution problems if not handled responsibly. Hazardous components from mismanaged e-waste can contaminate soil and water (if unsafely disposed of) and pollute the air with toxic fumes (if burnt), all of which can have dire consequences to plants, animals and people alike.

All e-waste received on the day will be refurbished, repaired, dismantled or safely disposed of (depending on the condition) and handled according to integrated waste management principles and in the most environmentally safe manner. For more information on your nearest waste drop-off and / or recycling facility / ies, please visit: http://www.mywaste.co.za.

Last year a massive 3,5 tons of e-waste was collected from Pietermaritzburg households and businesses in this way.

In the interest of sustainability and the environment join us for the annual NATIONWIDE Public e-Waste Collection Drive and do your bit for sustainability and the environment. Now is the time to empty out those garages and cupboards and bring all your e-waste to the collection point at the Liberty Midlands Mall.

We would like to beat the 3.5 tons we collected last year! So see you there.

E-waste team at Jeffares & Green – Grant von Mayer, Imke Summers, Suvritha Ramphal

Email: ewaste@igi.co.za

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