Hiding in Howick

Howick is certainly wild. Where else can you chat to zebras while doing your recycling, watch otters swimming in the river during your afternoon walk or slow down for a mongoose crossing the road on the way to school?   Owls call at night, spotted genets inhabit roofs and fish eagles are often heard.  Even an aardvark was seen in a wildish spot right in the middle of the suburbs! The Midlands Conservancies Forum camera trap spent time at three locations in Howick recently and images of some of the more elusive creatures were captured.

r warthog in umgeni valley

r bushbuck on Beacon Hill

r Cdy00004

r Cdy00001r wildebeest

r buck in Symmonds Stream

r Cdy00037

r Mongoose on Beacon Hill

Should you spot anything interesting in Howick, why not let Hazel Lake know? She compiles a monthly record of wildlife seen in and around Howick.  hazel.lake@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Hiding in Howick

  1. Nic Ruddiman

    Very interesting photographs but check the time on the photos some daylight with sun and clouds show eg 2.45am and 9.30.13 at 12.07am



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