Cranes Inspire Creativity in Karkloof

The Karkloof Conservancy recently completed their 16th Annual Farm School Project with their four farm schools situated in the beautiful Karkloof valley. The theme of “Cranes and the importance of their wetland habitats” was well presented by Nkanyiso Ndlela, the Environmental Education facilitator for the KZN Crane Foundation (KZNCF). The activities form part of the “Cranes in the Classroom” lesson series.


At the start of the lesson, the learners were excited to show off their knowledge on all 3 crane species which are regularly seen and heard from their schools.


The children were taught to tread lightly on the earth alongside the cranes and to leave nothing but footprints. This lesson was enhanced with the children using their three painted fingers to create crane prints and then adding their footprint to the picture.



In celebration of the wonderful cranes of South Africa, the children were taught a song and dance about their vibrant friends. They spun around, flapped their wings, jumped very high and tossed a twig. This was a highlight to the lesson and the smiling faces were proof of the fun they had while learning an important lesson on these endangered species.


After all the excitement, the learners were treated to a story about Mama and Baba Nohem from the KZNCF’s book Wisdom Tales. This story was appropriate, as it spoke about the devastation of snares on animals as a result of poaching. The story also spoke about a great love, the devotion and the many promises that cranes make to each other.


The day inspired the learners to produce some of the best artwork that they have done since the beginning of the farm schools project which was on display at the Karkloof Conservancy’s recent AGM.

Hawkstone Primary


Gartmore Primary


Triandra Primary


Yarrow Primary


This gives members of the Conservancy a chance to vote for their favourite poster depicting the best message and which is colourful and artistic. The winning school is treated to an educational outing later in the year.

You can clearly see the appreciation, understanding and deep love that the learners have for the cranes through their artwork.   These lessons were made possible by N3Toll Concession who fund the Midlands Conservancies Forum Environmental Learning and Leadership programme.



2 thoughts on “Cranes Inspire Creativity in Karkloof

  1. Peter. R. Warren

    I recall from the dim distant past complaints that the work of some great artists looked just like kids paintings. I have wondered for half a century how this could and finally I got it. The fact of the matter is that some kids show amazing ability of combining form, spacial relationships and color to make important statements. That the kids have the insight to be like the master elevates the kids not depresses the masters. Eventually the educational system will drum it out of most of the kids. In the mean time Nikki is privileged to work with such talented people.



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