Wonderful Community of World’s View

On a wonderful sunny morning this weekend, World’s View Conservancy enjoyed lovely support for their first Community project. This account is reproduced from their blog:  https://worldsviewconservancy.wordpress.com/

A few weeks ago, World’s View Conservancy members were most distressed to discover graffiti on the old stone walls of the Lookout point.


On the 2nd January, 2015 they laid a complaint of criminal vandalism with the Hilton SAPS which will mean that these culprits will be treated with the full force of the law.

Both The Witness and The Mercury newspapers ran stories about this, leading to an influx of visitors to the Lookout to give support and denounce this behaviour.


Early in January, on top of the unsightly graffiti, there was litter everywhere, weeds in the path and the grass was long.  Liam Muller and his friend Jay Tegg, learners at Grace College, were distressed by the mess.  They earn credits at school for doing community work and asked permission to tidy the place up!

They arrived at 8am, started picking up the litter, then proceeded to cut the grass with a brush cutter.  They also sprayed to pathways with weed killer, dug out the weeds along the memorial walls and swept after they were finished. Whilst they worked, numerous cars with people arrived at the Lookout and they were commended on their community work. The young men have offered to return again to help maintain the area.  How is that for Community spirit?


On Saturday 24 January, mums, dads, kids and grannies came loaded with lawnmowers, brush cutters, spades and tree loppers to turn our ugly duckling into a swan again! Colin Scott brought his high pressure cleaner and eventually we cleaned the graffiti off the wall.


Wives and husbands pulled weeds and cut back bushes whilst the kids helped by moving the rubbish to a central point. Everybody found a job they were comfortable with. Mrs Landman with her trusty lawnmower, set to and cut quite a large area of grass, whilst Carl Landman manned the brush cutter and disappeared into the longer areas.


The flower beds were cleaned by gardeners drafted in for the morning. The pathways were sprayed with herbicide. Alien vegetation was cut back and daubed with Kaput. In the end, two bakkie loads of vegetation was taken to the local dump.


Cristina Richardson kept the kettle boiling for tea and coffee whenever anyone needed a break and the muffins were divine! How wonderful to have 20 people turn out to look after a Pietermaritzburg treasure. Thank you everyone.


1 thought on “Wonderful Community of World’s View

  1. David Clulow

    Very, very impressive indeed. It is heartwarming to learn that there are folk, younger and older, who are willing to fight back against the almost overwhelming pressures of barbarism, which are only to obvious in this and many other countries today. Deserves unreserved praise and on behalf of the many silent folk who agree, I give it.



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