Threatened Plant Species – Senecio dregeanus

ASTERACEAE: Senecio dregeanus [Vulnerable]

Perennial herb with flowering stem up to 1m tall, single not in clusters and simple. It is found in KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and southern KwaZulu-Natal coastal areas, from Greytown to Umdoni Park.

Senecio dregeanus Stirling Mar 2011

Senecio dregeanus

Leaves egg-shaped and gradually narrowing to a point at the leaf tip, leathery, bracts narrow to narrowly egg-shaped, embracing the stem. Heads arranged around, few to many on long surrounded with bracts, peduncles more or less flat-top arranged.

Senecio dregeanus_Midmar2

Senecio dregeanus

Involucre bell-shaped, bracts about 20, a little longer than the disc flowers, with the scent, heavily rowed by small bracts around the base of the calyx. Rays long, spreading, purple, disc purple. It flowers in March to April.

Senecio dregeanus_Midmar

Senecio dregeanus

If you have seen this plant, please contact Suvarna Parbhoo, CREW programme: KZN Node Manager

HILLIARD O.M. &BURTT. 1985. Notes from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 42(2): 171−225.


2 thoughts on “Threatened Plant Species – Senecio dregeanus

  1. Peter R Warren

    Its a good time to look for it because flowers at this time. It is also hard to find in the long grass and late when the botanists have given up.. I wonder if it is vulnerable or just neglected?



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