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Walk to Yarrow Falls

A small group of flower enthusiasts and friends gathered at  Gartmore farm this week for a walk.  The destination was the Yarrow Falls on the Yarrow river. Robyn and Charlie McGillivray were our guides.  Robyn hosts a regular walk here on the first Wednesday of every month for Karkloof Conservancy funds. We saw many fabulous flowers and got very excited at some unusual ones like this Xysmalobium distinctum –We didn’t know what everything was, obviously.  Does anyone know what this lovely purple flower is?  The photo has been loaded onto www.iSpot.org.za and hopefully some clever Botanical person will tell us what it is. There were lots of Helichysum, Ledebouria, Dierama and Watsonia pillansii in flower amongst the grasses and rocks.The tiny Monopsis decipiens was particularly pretty in the gentle, overcast lightEriosema distinctum – bold, bright splashes of colour amongst the green. There were lots of pale yellow Eriosema kraussianum too.Whimsical inflorescences of Trachyandra asperata waved in the breeze. Clerodendrum triphynullum has a new name now, but it flowers just the same…Cytanthus contractus, the Fire Lily, simply glowed.There were plenty of Hypoxis – a couple of different species and lots of pale blue Pentanisia prunelloides too.Orchids are always a special find – even when you don’t know what they are.  What could this Eulophia be? didn’t really seem like clavicornis. Maybe subsp inaequalis?Asclepiads aways cause a stir too – Not absolutely sure, but this is probably Asclepias culcullata subsp culcullataRobyn has done a remarkable job over the last 8 years clearing alien vegetation from the area. It is an ongoing battle, but the rewards are wonderful – as you can see!  Should you wish to walk through the farm and flower-filled grasslands on the banks of the Yarrow, call Robyn on: 082 802 8949