Donation of R50 per person to local conservancy hosting the walk.

On the Dolorite boulders at Mbona

On the Dolorite boulders at Mbona

Boston Forest Walk – Boston  (09h00 – 11h00)

First Sunday of every month. A gentle stroll through a forest patch, crossing streams and listening to the birds. Bookings: Carol Segal (082 450 6792)

Kilgobbin Forest Walk – Dargle  (09h00 – 11h00)

First Thursday of every month. Explore the mist-belt forest along old logging paths. Bookings: Nikki Brighton (083 474 3074)

Milestone Forest Walk – Balgowan  (09h00 – 11h00)

Self Guided with Honesty box. Enquiries: Hedi (071 677 3878)

Mpophomeni Hills Walk – Mpophomeni  (09h00 – 11h00)

Second Tuesday of every month. Join local guides to learn more about the area. Bookings: Penz Malinga (078 236 4480)

Curry’s Post Conservancy Walk – Curry’s Post  (09h00 – 11h00)

Third Sunday of every month. Explore a different part of this area every month. Bookings: Rachel Lang (072 784 1545)

Fort Nottingham Reserve – Lion’s Bush  (09h00 – 11h00)

Third Thursday of every month. Meet at ElsAmics to explore the grassland and forest. Bookings: Roy Tabernor (082 487 0922)

Beacon Hill Walk – Howick  (09h00 to 11h00)

Last Sunday of every month. Meet at the top of Lake View Road for a walk in the grassland. Bookings:  Eve Hughes (082 872 4333)

Fort Nottingham hikers

Fort Nottingham walkers

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