No Till Farming

As part of their farm visits programme, Dargle Conservancy arranged a morning at Gartmore farm in Karkloof to learn more about the No-Till method of growing crops. Charlie McGillivray welcomed everyone at the Karkloof Conservation Centre and explained the concepts. IMG_6156 In Charlie’s experience, this method of growing crops builds soil, increases biodiversity and reduces costs – illustrating that farming and conservation can co-exist. Everyone walked through one of the newly fields and went to see how the planter was working. IMG_6162 Kevin Barnsley said “Attendees were able to get a better understanding of the wisdom behind No Till that has been accrued over many years at a commercial level along with the principal of finding a happy medium between successful commercial production and being good custodians of the land from a long term conservation perspective.” IMG_6161 The areas that are wetlands, are kept untouched and host many different bird species. IMG_6158 After tea, Charlie showed a presentation that he and Ren Stubbs had put together. res 20131107_124614 An interesting and enjoyable morning.  If you missed it, learn more about No Till farming here. IMG_6159

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