Summer in Impendle

Plant enthusiasts and amateur botanists seem able to find floral treasures wherever they wander. Sharp eyes spot interesting things along roadsides, on working farms and in residential areas – often in unexpected places.   The Impendle area is rich in special flora – a collection of summer flower photos gathered recently follows.

r impendle stream with crocosmia pottsii 138

Kniphofia laxiflora are particularly spectacular this season,

r kniphofia laxiflora impendle 405

there seem to be more Kniphofia buchananii than usual too.

r kniphofia buchananii impendle 434

The altitude in Impendle is much higher than the surrounding midlands, so it comes as no surprise to find Ericas amongst the rocks.

r erica probably aestiva  impendle 145

Many flowers attended by beetles, bees and butterflies, including this Xysmalobium (possibly parviflorum?)

r xysmalobium beetle impendle 210

The large flowered Pachycarpus grandiflorum in abundance.

r pachycarpus grandiflorus impendle 242

With the ground saturated, the vleis were a picture with Satyrium hallackii en masse –

r satyrium halackii

quite the most gorgeous colour.

r satyrium halackii flower impendle 340

Manulea florifera

r manulea florifera impendle 307

Pycnostachys reticulata

r pycnostachys reticulata impendle 387

along stream beds, the grey leaved Senecio macrospermus was evident

r senecio macrospermus impendle 161

and clumps of Alipidea – either woodii or amatymbica  which is listed as Vulnerable in the Red Data List.

r alepidea amatymbica impendle 187

A nest cleverly woven between stalks of Chlorophytum krookianum

r nest on chlorophytum krookianum impendle 165

Plenty of orchids at this time of year – including the tall Pterygodium magnum

r pterygodium magnum impendle 177

Habenaria dives

r habeneria dives close impendle 305

and this Satyrium – possibly neglectum?

r orchid maybe satyrium neglectum impendle 392

Schizochilus flexuosus

r schizochilus flexuosus impendle 321

On the road verge – Ink plant – Harveya speciosa

r harveya speciosa impendle 389


r whalenbergia impendle 246

Dainty Morea brevistyla and

r morea brevistyla impendle 222

bright blue Morea inclinata – the nodding wild Morea

r morea inclinata impendle 267

Crassula alba (or is it C. vaginata?)

r crassula alba impendle 225

and a small Crassula clinging to the rocks  – Crassula pellucida?

r crassula maybe pellucida impendle 327

Cheerful Berkheya, with attendant insects

r berkheya speciosa impendle 160

Eucomis autumnalis

r eucomis autumnalis impendle 219

Plenty of Watsonia densiflora in full bloom

r watsonia densiflora close up impendle 293

and the indigenous bramble – Rubus ludwigii

r rubus ludwigii impendle 191

Agapanthus campanulatus have also flowered profusely this summer

r agapanthus campanulatus impendle 142

Interesting small compact, grey leaved shrub – Helichrysum spiralepsis

r helichrysum spiralepsis impendle 213

Hibiscus trionum

r hibiscus trionum impendle 193

Dainty Polygala hottentotta

r polygala hottentotta impendle 286

This little unidentified blue flowered plant – any ideas?

r mystery blue flower impendle 200

Where have you been exploring lately?   Why not head up towards Impendle?  Take the Dargle Road and amble all the way through to Boston.

2 thoughts on “Summer in Impendle

  1. David Clulow

    A Treasure-trove of Wildflower photos, for which many thanks for sharing. It does the heart good to see an enthusiast at work, relishing what is provided for those who have eyes to see and the spirit to spread the news


  2. Meriel mitchell

    Each and every photo is simply magnificent … Had to smile at the name ‘nodding wild Morea’ . Lovely invitation, in time for Easter week-end.



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