Milestone Magic

It was at Milestone in Balgowan that the Conservancy movement in South Africa began. Peter and Priscilla Francis, Tony Carr and Nick Steele got the ball rolling in the late 1970’s and now there are many Conservancies in the KZN Midlands and around the country.

milestone 005

In 2007, after the Milestone forest had received Natural Heritage Site Status, David Johnson and Iain Guthrie led a walk along the paths and Peter and Priscilla planted a Black Stinkwood (Ocotea bullata) to celebrate.  Iain recalled many happy hours in his youth scrabbling through the undergrowth learning about the trees and watching birds.  In particular, he pointed out the three species of Yellowwood trees found in Milestone – Podocarpus falcatus, Podocarpus latifolious and Podocarpus henkelli. “Sadly yellowwoods were exploited heavily for their timber in the 1800’s and now have to be protected by law.  It is wonderful that this piece of forest on Milestone has been well looked after by the Francises.”

milestone 254

David Johnson told the group that Podocarpus had an ancient lineage. “Milestone is a living monument to our tumultuous climatic history.  Afro-Montane forest has its ancestral home in the highlands of East Africa – from their is colonised southwards during the wetter periods of the Peistocene.  Yellowwoods are also found in South America and Australia, but not on any Northern continent, this is best explained by continental drift.  Milestone is our own piece of the Gondwana super-continent, along with Selaginella kruassiana which covers the forest floor.”

milestone 071

On a recent wander through the forest, I discovered that the magic of Milestone is alive and well.  These are a few enchanting discoveries.

milestone 023

Towering trees create dappled glades

milestone 042

where ferns and orchids thrive.

milestone 040

A tiny butterfly catches the light

milestone 120

Hollow Lemonwoods provide hiding places for little creatures

milestone 207

A Spotted Eagle Owl feather, dropped in flight

milestone 142

Fungi everywhere – doing their colourful job of recycling nutrients

milestone 148

milestone 221

Tiny mauve Streptocarpus flowers, fallen on the forest floor

milestone 140

A colourful Midlands Dwarf Chameleon

milestone 167

Trees twined with creepers, including Dumasia villosa

milestone 241

Such interesting textures in the bark of the trees – some rough,

milestone 214

others papery and peeling.

milestone 038

Silky spider webs

milestone 106

Bright yellow splotches of Argylobium tomentosum in flower

milestone 237

The fruit of Eugenia natalensis provide a feast for the birds

milestone 129

Along the trail is a green cathedral made up of Podocarpus henkelii which are endemic to the region and found no where else besides the moist inland forest of the Eastern Cape and KZN. A magnificent and peaceful spot.

milestone 098

Splashes of orange Crocosmia in the understory.

milestone 248

Milestone Forest hosts a regular walk on the first Friday of every month – next one 4 April09h00 until about 11h00.  Donation R20 to the Balgowan Conservancy.  Phone Marilyn 082 427 3365 to book.

“I just love being in the forest and spend a lot of time exploring and listening to the birds,” says Marilyn Revesz. “I will be so pleased to share this with other people.”

milestone 121

6 thoughts on “Milestone Magic

  1. David Clulow

    Having watched that Ocatea bullata being planted in 2007, I still feel a sense of optimism for both that tree and the forest which is delightful. May they, or their descendants, be there forever


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