Winter Walks in World’s View

A party of five went on a CREW outing to World’s View recently. Some of the grasslands in the conservancy had been burned several weeks ago and it was a good time to see the early emerging plants. Rogan Roth took this pic of the group.

Crew party

Alison Young compiled this report and took the rest of the pictures.  Lots of magnificent Boophone disticha (Seerooglelie) were in flower. They flower much better after a fire. The Afrikaans name refers to the effects the pollen has if you get it into your eyes.


Bright yellow Gnidia kraussiana plants brighten up the burnt veld in early spring.


Rotheca caerulium or Wild Violets waiting to burst into bloom.

IMG_5105 Rotheca

Helichrysum alloides in bud.

IMG_5061 Helichrysum alloides or coriceum

Lots of Merwilla kraussii or Dwarf Scillas on the rocky crags above the grassland.


A winter flowering Moraea hiemalis which flowers for a short spell in July.

IMG_5126Then on 31 July, Howard Richardson led the inaugural regular walk that World’s View will be hosting on the last Thursday of every month.


The howling wind didn’t deter anyone as they set off to explore the grassland. IMG_0816

Among the plants they spotted was Aloe maculata Common Soap Aloe


Many participants were astonished to discover this little know piece of wilderness right on their doorstep.


Don’t miss the next World’s View Walk on 28 August – book your place with Howard on 083 591 0079. Donation R20 to world’s View Conservancy.


3 thoughts on “Winter Walks in World’s View

  1. David Clulow

    Many wildflower enthusiasts have been deep in their winter hibernation; so this early news of blooms seen as of late is welcome to all our wintry-frosted eyes. The smoke-filled air is not all to be disparaged as it hastens the promise of Spring. .



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